The Team

Maple Razsa

director, writer, producer

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Since earning his PhD in anthropology and filmmaking at Harvard University, Maple has been teaching in the Global Studies program at Colby College.  Maple is committed to using text, images, and sound to embody the experience and political imagination of contemporary activist movements. His previous films, co-directed with Pacho Velez, include Bastards of Utopia and Occupation: A Film about the Harvard Living Wage Sit-In and have shown in festivals around the world.  

Milton Guillén

director, editor, director of photography

Milton explores the borders between fiction and documentaries through the cinematic intersections of ethnographic research and sensorial experiences. Milton earned his BA from Colby College in Anthropology and studied film production at the Film and Television Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. He’s currently doing a Documentary Media MFA at Northwestern University. He's directed several short documentaries in Brazil, Nicaragua, and Kenya and is committed to engage in multiple platforms that strive for social justice. 


Mary Lampson

film editor


ARLO Hennessey

Community Outreach Director and Facilitator


Mary Lampson is an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker and editor. She co-edited the Academy Award–wining documentary HARLAN COUNTY, USA and acted as an editor on many other independently produced documentary features. She has worked with Emile de Antonio, Ricky Leacock, and D.A. Pennebakbr. Recent projects include: TROUBLE THE WATER (Tia Lessin and Carl Deal), THE REVOLUTIONARY OPTIMISTS (Nicole Newnham and Maren Monson-Grainger), THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING (Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein), and THE ISLANDS AND THE WHALES (Mike Day). Mary has been a fellow and advisor at the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Editing and Story Lab and is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Local anti-racism community organizer in Portland, Maine. They are currently organizing for the Southern Maine Workers Center. Past projects include: Field Director for the winning, state-wide campaign for ranked choice voting, and founding member of Portland Racial Justice Congress. They hold an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Pan-african studies from Drew University.  





Maple Razsa & Milton Guillén


Komunal Media Collective



Mary Lampson & Milton Guillén


Maple Razsa & Andrej Kurnik


director of photography

Milton Guillén



Maple Razsa


uprising photographers

Andrej Kurnik
Jure Močnik
Peter Perunovič
Jan Šiško


aerial photographer

Dejan Ozimič


additional photographers

David Brown
Maple Razsa


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Gregor Dovoji
Metka Kelbič
Simona Kopinšek
Andrej Kurnik
Jernej Mažgon
Antonio Merdaus
Borut Osonkar
Igor Unuk


sound consultants

Ernst Karel
Shane Hofeldt



Iva Krajnc
Tibor Pandur
Ivana Unuk



Marko Lük
Tamara Povh


consulting producers

Joslyn Barnes
Mary Lampson


web designer

Igor Unuk


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Benjamina Dolinšek Razsa
Gregor Kosi
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Jason Parkhill
Tim Stonesifer
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Steve Wurtzler


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