This film is designed to take interactive documentary from small to large screen, from individual to collective experience. The directors facilitate the audience’s participation, beginning with a brief orientation to the discussion and decision-making practices to be used during the screening—practices used by the Maribor protestors themselves. The audience then watches the film’s opening, which brings them to the first of many decision-points, which lead in turn to a series of divergent narrative pathways. The brief facilitated discussions at these decision-points raise questions about the strategies and philosophies of protest, forcing the audience to decide—with a quick show of hands—whether to resist force with violence or to remain peaceful in the face of repression. After each decision-point, the audience is swept back into the streets as they make their way through clouds of teargas and lines of riot police, all while the relentless thump of the police helicopters follows them everywhere. What they see, the emotional quality of their experience, and perhaps even whether they feel personally implicated in unruly protest, will depend on the choices they make.

First interactive decision in film

Mindmap of connected scenes in film